I was a beast in the arena. A BEAST!

—Great Grandma Sánchez

Grandma Sanchez is Manolo's great grandmother. She is Luis Sanchez's mother and Carlos Sanchez's grandmother. She is normally found knitting in her wheelchair and is somewhat supportive of Manolo becoming a musician. She later dies due to cholesterol problems.

Physical appearance

Anita is very short, and has a big head. She is always sitting down, either in her wheelchair, a rocking chair, or simply sitting down on a ledge. She has white hair and eyebrows. Show wears glasses and a dark green dress.


She is always seen knitting. She has very strong opinions. Even though she might appear rough on the edges, she has a kind heart, as shown when she advises Manolo to keep fighting for María.

Family Tree

Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Anita Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez
Luis Sánchez
Unnamed children [2]
Carlos Sánchez
Carmen Sánchez
Manolo Sánchez
Maria Posada
Unnamed twin girl one[3]Unnamed twin girl two[4]Unnamed baby boy[5]


  • After Carlos reached fought off Chakal and reached the Land of the Remembered, it was Anita who buried his corpse. Before she too passed.[6]
  • When Modeling Supervisor Steve Hilbert was building her he was inspired by "old people".
  • She was actually knitting baby socks throughout the film for Manolo's and Maria's children.[7]
  • She was the first female bullfighter of the Sánchez family. [8]


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