Chuy is Maria's pet pig.

Physical appearance

Chuy is a pink pig. He wears a black collar around his neck with a golden heart shaped tag with his name.


Chuy is very loyal to her owner, Maria, and protects her from those he considers a nuisance to her; like when he threw plantpots at the Rodriguez Brothers. María describes him as "civilized", and in fact Chuy is very calm and behaves more like a dog than a pig. But when the situation calls for it, he can be very fierce.


Chuy appears for the first time like a piglet in the pen next to the town's butcher shop. Seeing him, Maria considered him adorable and decided to release him along with the rest of the pigs that were going to be slaughtered.

It is precisely this incident that causes General Posada to decide to send Maria to a convent in Spain. Before taking the train, María receives a gift from Manolo, which turns out to be little Chuy.

Ten years later, Maria still has it with her when she returns to San Ángel; like an adult pig. Chuy usually accompanies to Maria and supports her unconditionally; as it is seen that he approves her relation with Manolo.

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