Cousin Chucho is a minor character in the film The Book of Life. He is part of the Sánchez Family.


Cousin Chucho wears clown attire for his job. He has green curly hair at both sides of his head and a tiny black top hat. He wears full clown make-up including a red nose, blue lipstick, white foundation and pink-blue designs. He wears a red and white striped shirt with a tiny green bowtie and a pink rose on his chest. He also wears black suspenders with white spots on the trousers and golden buttons on the straps, white skulls attach the straps to the trousers. He also wears black, matador-style shoulder pads with golden edges and a red angry face on it.


Chucho is introduced when Manolo was with his grandpa Luis. Luis was asking Manolo why he decided to be a musician instead of a bullfighter. Luis then told Manolo he was a clown, then came in Cousin Chucho feeling hurt because he is a clown. Luis then quickly apologizes and dismisses the situation.

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