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Father Domingo

Father Domingo is a minor character in the film The Book of Life. He is the priest at the church in San Ángel.

In The Book of Life

He usually appears in the company of Sister Ana and the nuns. They are seen among people who say goodbye to María at the train station, and ten years later in Manolo's debut as a bullfighter.

After the death of Manolo, he was officiating Maria's wedding with Joaquín, until he was interrupted by the arrival of Chakal and his bandits.

After listening to Maria's words of encouragement, Father Domingo puts on his mask and adopts his identity of "Domingo Loco". When Manolo returns to life, in the company of the deceased members of the Sánchez Family, Father Domingo prepares to join the battle. During which it obtains briefly the Medal of Everlasting Life, acquiring the necessary force to defeat several bandits at the same time.

After the defeat of Chakal, He, alongside with The Candle Maker, officiated the wedding of Manolo and Maria.


  • Domingo literally means "Sunday".
  • During the San Ángel battle, he dresses up as a wrestler: "Domingo Loco" (Mad Sunday).
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