I was famous for fighting three bulls at once. One bull is for cowards!

—Luis Sánchez

Luis "El Super Macho" Sánchez is the deceased grandfather of Manolo, the father of Carlos Sánchez and Anita Sanchez's son

Role in the film

Luis first appears when Manolo Sánchez, his grandson, appears in the Land of the Remembered. He follows Manolo, along with the Sánchez Family, to La Muerte's Castle so Manolo can reunite with Maria. After their surprise encounter with Xibalba, Luis goes with Manolo, and Carmen to the edge of the Land of the remembered to find the Cave of Souls.

Family Tree

Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Anita Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez
Luis Sánchez
Unnamed children [4]
Carlos Sánchez
Carmen Sánchez
Manolo Sánchez
Maria Posada
Unnamed twin girl one [5]Unnamed twin girl two [6]Unnamed baby boy [7]


  • He has the same hairstyle as Manolo and his father.
  • Luis was the only one in the Land of the Remembered who knew about Manolo's bullfighting news.
  • After getting his parts from La Muerte, he can move all his body parts (like shown when fighting Chakal).
  • He always wants Manolo safe.
  • Luis may have died in Tijuana.


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