Manolo's Guitar is the instrument that Maria Posada gave to Manolo Sánchez, before she left for Spain. Every time Manolo is about to play and sing a song from the heart, he would look at the message that Maria had placed on it.


It is a classical guitar made of wood, which has drawings of yellow stars, the Sacred Heart, and a skull with crossed bones. In the head has five silver heart-shaped tuning pegs and one golden skull-shaped. The saddle is very similar to the horns of the bulls.

On one side, there is an recorded a message from María for Manolo; "Always play from the Heart, Love Maria".


Manolo's first red guitar

Manolo's first red guitar.

After Manolo's original guitar was damaged by Maria freeing Chuy and his fellow pigs from the town butcher, she gave him a new guitar to make up for breaking his old one before getting on the train that would take her to Spain.

Manolo was touched by her gift to him and promised Maria that he'll use it to play the song that he would sing for her, when she returns home.


  • Manolo's first red guitar was a gift that his mother gave him before her death.
  • The embroidery in Manolo's bullfighter's costume is inspired by the drawings of his guitar.


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