May your heart be always pure and courageous.

—Old Lady's blessing to Manolo.

The old lady is La Muerte in disguise, approached a young Manolo at his mother's grave and asked him for some bread. When Manolo handed it to her, she thanked him heartily and in return she gave him her blessing.

Physical Appearance

Is a short and plump old woman,  with a small nose like that of a piglet. Wears a red dress with a hood and brown sleeves, on this she wears a worn black cape with red patches and a button in shape of a small white skull. On her feet she wears sandals and in her head has a few marigold flowers. She has her eyelids painted blue, as in her true form.

Always has a chicken on her head.


  • She has a chicken on her head to symbolize how much she loves animals and vice versa.


Concept art