"Plata" is Joaquín's mare and his faithful companion during his trips.

Role in the film

Plata is seen for first time when Joaquin leaves of San Ángel (riding on her) to fight the bandits in other towns and cities.

She is seen again when Joaquín makes a presentation at the bullring after returning from a long trip; the same day as Manolo's debut as a bullfighter and María's return from Spain.

During the film, each time Joaquín makes a dramatic entry he appears riding Plata; like when the bandits appeared to loot the town, and at the beginning of the invasion of Chakal.


  • Joaquín got her as a gift from his father as a graduation present from the academy.
  • Her father was Plomo; the horse of Captain Mondragon. [2]
  • Plata literally means "Silver" in Spanish.



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