Are you wearing my boots!?

—Scardelita Sánchez

Scardelita Sánchez is the twin sister of Adelita Sánchez and one of Manolo Sánchez's deceased cousins. She fought alongside her sister in the Mexican Revolution, but was killed in the process.


Scardelita looks a lot like her twin, but the most noticeable difference between the two is the eye patch over Scardelita's left eye. She is portrayed as a tall, slim skeleton with swirls and colorful designs decorating her bones. Scardelita has long black hair pulled back into a low ponytail and wears a clothing that invoke the Soldaderas in Mexico. She wears knee-high brown boots (strapped with bullets), a long tan skirt that's been ripped revealing her right leg, a brown vest with puffy shouldered sleeves and a very large red sombrero hat. Scardelita also has several belts holding extra bullets, as well as swords and guns.


  • Scardelita and Adelita died in during the Mexican Revolution, saving Emilio Zapata.[1]
  • Sandra Equihua who voices Scardelita is Jorge Gutierrez's wife.
  • Scardelita presumably lost her eye and her life when trying to save her sister from a bullet.
  • Unlike the other members of the Sánchez family, Scardelita (along with her sister) are never seen in their living forms.
    • According to the official artbook of the movie, the Adelita twins originally started out as part of Chakal's banditos.


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