Oh, dear.

—Sister Ana

Sister Ana is a minor character in the movie The Book of Life. She always appears in company of other three nuns and Father Domingo.

In The Book of Life

Sister Ana is seen for the first time in the Cemetery of San Ángel during the Day of the Deaths; while she and the other nuns pray for a deceased friend.

When Maria caused a stampede of pigs in the town square, a boar threatened to attack her, until Manolo intervened, fighting the boar until it crashed against a wall and Sister Ana and the nuns thanked the boy for his courage.  Later they melancholically said goodbye to little Maria; who would be sent to Spain by order of General Posada.

Ten years later, she, the nuns and Father Domingo attend the Bullfighting Arena, to witness Manolo's debut as a bullfighter. Before the event, she has the opportunity to greet to Maria, who has just returned from Spain, and sweetly states that "she's going to be helping at the orphanage".

The four nuns are invited to the General Posada party in honor of the return of their daughter.

She and the nuns are witnesses when María "miraculously returns to life" after being kissed on the cheek by Joaquín; although in reality she had not died, but was in a coma. They are also present many of the crucial moments of the climax, such as the invasion of Chakal and the wedding of Manolo and Maria.


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