That is the Book of Life. All the world is made of stories, and all of those stories are right here.

—Mary Beth

The Book of Life is a living, magical book containing all the stories and the events in the universe, the past to the present. It is usually seen levitating around with the Candle Maker.

The Book of Life also contains all mortal beings and all mortal creatures written life stories from the moment they are born all the way up to their deaths.


The book is brown. On the cover, it has a design of a read heart made of hearts, spitting flames. The design has golden detailing.


The Book appears to have a mind of it's own and is able to communicate with mime. It shares some traits with Candle Maker, being as cheerful and helpful as he is.


  • Exist a evil counterpart to The Book of Life: The Book of Death. [1]
  • The Book of Life has only stories about mankind. [2]


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